A note from The City of Moreton Bay

The City of Moreton Bay regulates parking or stopping of vehicles on footpaths, bicycle paths, shared paths, dividing strips or nature strips. Please note that vehicles that are parked with two wheels on the footpath/nature strip and two wheels on the road is not considered as a lawful parking practice.

Council is legally obliged to enforce these regulations, and our Proactive School Parking Program contributes to this enforcement.

During Proactive School Parking Patrols, enforcement of unlawful parking is applied by obtaining photographic evidence and issuing a penalty infringement notice.

Council prefers that vehicle drivers are educated.

For more information in relation to parking regulation and expectation please see attached our Parking in School Zones Fact Sheet. Additionally, we recommend reviewing the City of Moreton Bay’s published material regarding parking Parking – City of Moreton Bay or viewing the fact sheet below.