Saturday is shaping up to be a fantastic day. We’ve put together a checklist so that your family can be prepared and set up for a win at the Mueller Fete!

  • Bring Friends and Family – The fete is a great opportunity to invite your loved ones to experience the wonderful community of Mueller!

  • Get the Info – Pick up your Fete program on entry to get the handy map and program. If you have any questions on the day, head to The Hub in E block to see our friendly info team.

  • Dollars & Cents – We measure the success of the fete in smiles, not dollars, but there will be plenty of opportunity to buy a treat, bid in the auctions or visit our diverse array of market stalls. There will be ATM’s, and Eftpos facilities will be available at most stalls.

  • Ride Armbands – All Mueller students who have pre-purchased armbands will already have them on their wrist and be ready to go on Saturday! All other pre-purchased armbands (including any Mueller students who missed getting theirs on Friday) can be collected from the ticket booth on the oval. Armbands and individual ride passes can also be purchased on the day at the ticket booth if you missed the presale. Don’t forget, ticket sales close at 4:30pm and rides close at 5:30pm. Click for more details >>

  • Bring Reusable Shopping Bags – particularly if you plan on buying cakes/books/craft…

  • Apply Sunscreen – It’s going to be a glorious sunny day in Rothwell so be sure to be sunsmart.

  • Pack a Hat 

  • Check Your Performance Times – Please make sure your child meets at the assembly point next to the main stage at the requested time.

  • Pack Your Instrument – If you are performing an instrumental piece, don’t forget your instrument! Afterwards, instruments will be stored on campus for pick up on Monday.

  • Bring an Appetite – There will be lots of yummy goodness on offer with the famous Mueller food stall and lots of visiting food trucks (with plenty of gluten-free options)!

  • Bring a Picnic Rug – Grab a piece of grass near the main stage to enjoy the entertainment and the evening fireworks show (don’t forget a jumper too).

We hope you have a ball!