What a great success it has been! With a record-size audience and an amazing chance for the students to shine, we believe the whole community can celebrate what was achieved.

We had a range of aims with this year’s production and all of them were achieved beyond our expectations. We let anyone who wanted to have a go into the ensemble’s for both shows, and how well they performed!

Our thanks is to so many. We listed many of them in the program but it is often the unseen elements that help these events run smoothly. Mark Boundy’s kitchen team made us dinner on Friday, lots of staff supervised the students during the performances, David Scherer’s team on box office, the Marketing team, the MPAC crew….finally thanks to the parents and families for their support.

A few memorable Musical moments in montage…

…Crow sound effects and friendly vultures; very loud tigers and cello playing skater dudes; weird drama performances in unison and a Congo-line snake; monkeys and basketballers dancing; Maths is cool but so are bears in disguise; Ashanti and Taylor are girls who are not be trifled with, and the moral that while friends can pull you in all directions, good friends stand by you. As the production show us all, working together really pays off for everyone!