It is all about COMMUNITY!

The Arts team has pulled together a variety of pieces from different corners of our Mueller community. Some of these artists are from the Retirement Village while others are just starting school.  Some are parents, others are involved in the after school art classes.  They all share a love of being creative – a beautiful gift from God as they reflect their makers’ creativity.

Students can view the display at the Arts Cube. Thank you to all those who collaborated to bring together such a marvellous exhibit.

Names of artists:

Andrew McNab (student)
Vivienne McNab (student)
Margaret Cornish (Grandmother of student)
Stuart Russell (Teacher)
Janet Russell, Peggy Creagh (PPRV residents)
Benson Palmer (student)
Brody Ney (student)
D’Artangnan, Shanika and Montanna Tappert (students)
Joanne Hayes (parent of student)
George, Seth and Hal White (students)
Oliver Franks (sibling of student)
Olivia Bishop (student)
Julie Thomas (parent of student)
Danielle Lessing (student)
Bethany Tan (student)
Stephany-Leigh Cilliers (student)
Jonathan Verster (student)