Which students can come to school?

Children of essential workers.
There have been questions to seek clarity with regard people who are working from home. The advice is that if you are able to look after your child/ren while you work from home, please keep your child home.
If you work from home, but due to work pressures are unable to look after your child/ren, feel free to send him/her to school. We are not checking whether you meet the criteria. We trust you will act in the best interest of your child.

Can a year 12 student come to school for help for specific subject areas?

The QCAA have made changes to the assessment schedule to provide relief for Year 12 students. There is no urgency for students to receive assistance beyond the forums and emailing teachers. This is for a short period of time and we are confident there will be sufficient time upon return to school to prepare for assessment. Therefore, students are not able to seek individual assistance from teachers during the next 5 weeks. Also, at this stage the work online will not require use of specialist rooms, such as Art, Film and TV etc.

What uniform should my child wear if they are going to school?

Students must wear their formal uniform. We will notify you if there is any need for a student to wear their sports uniform.

Do we text/call every day if my child is attending school? Or is one off ok?

We would appreciate you telling us as soon as possible the days your child will attend. For example, if you know already your child will need to attend every day, please email and let us know. Below are a couple of scenarios.
Scenario 1: You are both full time workers and know you need to send your child to school for the full 5 weeks. Email/text/phone before Tuesday and tell us your child will attend for the next 5 weeks. There is no need to then tell us every day.
Scenario 2: You work part-time and only need certain days. Email/text/phone by the day before or as early as possible to tell us the days your child will be at school.
Scenario 3: Your work is uncertain and can be called in at short notice. Email/text/phone as soon as you know. Email/text/phone details are in the Online Learning Guide

What is happening with school fees?

There will be communication from the Head of College on Wednesday April 22 with clarity around school fees for Term 2.

Who supervises the students while at school?

Students will be supervised in year level groups to assist with supervision and iLearn assistance. Each room will have no more than 15 students based on the Covid-19 1 person/4m2 rule. Each room will have 1 teacher aide and 1 teacher at all times. There will not be any direct instruction, rather students are expected to work through the iLearn materials. The role of the teacher aide and teacher is to provide guidance and assistance where needed by the students. It is understandable that a lower primary student will require far more guidance than a high school student.

Will my child be in the same class with their friends?

Students will be grouped in year levels and not form classes.eg. all Year 1 students who attend will be located in one room (if space allows), the room will have students from all Year 1 classes.

The timetables in the Online Learning Guide states elective 1 and elective 2. My child has forgotten which elective is which.

The timetables in the Online Learning Guide are suggestions only. Students are expected to work out their own schedule in order to complete the work.

Is there any way to make provision for year 12 and potentially year 11 students to attend regular classes?

QCAA has modified the assessment demands to cater for this period of online learning. The learning provided will continue forward momentum and does not require direct classroom instruction as per government guidelines.

If my child is attending school, does he/she need to bring a device to school?

All students in Prep to 4 will use College iPads, there is no need for them to bring their own device. All students in Year 5-12 must bring their device.

If my child is at home can they borrow a school iPad?

We have a limited number of iPads on campus and will be used by those students who must attend school. If you are struggling for a device for your Prep to Year 4 student, please contact us.
All Years 5 to 12 students should have either a College device or own computer.

What other materials will my child need if they are attending school?

The school day needs to be viewed as a normal school day and students need to bring whatever is necessary to complete their work. In Primary school students will need to bring the books that they
brought home at the end of last term.

What are the school hours?

For students who are attending school it is normal school hours 8:35 to 3:05pm. We are aware that the Online Learning Guide has 8:00am as the start of the day. These timetables provided were samples only.

Is the Tuckshop open?

Yes, both Tuckshop and Breakfast Club will operate. The Tuckshop will prepare minimal extra food, so it is highly recommended that you pre-order through Flexischools.

Are there PE lessons or movement breaks for students who attend school?

Yes, there will be the usual morning tea and lunch breaks for students to run around. Primary students will have an activity after lunch which will also give them extra movement and exercise during the day.