Year 10 students Shania Chidzikwe and Grace O’Keefe gathered students on Monday to share an idea they have stirring for 2021. Amongst the turmoil of this year, the girls have recognized the impact of Covid is significantly greater for those navigating homelessness because of limited access to basic hygiene and minimal social support. Their desire is to start an initiative called ‘Helping Hampers’ with which the Mueller community can play a part in easing the burden for local homeless youth.

The students aim to put together bags filled with basic necessities and have teamed up with local organization Chameleon Youth Housing to distribute the gifts. Monday’s meeting was to share the vision with fellow students and begin assembling a team to tackle fundraising and awareness in 2021.

Having done this entirely of their own volition, it’s wonderful to see students putting their heart for the community into action. Stay tuned for opportunities to contribute to this inspiring initiative in the new year.