The crowds flocked to College Square last Friday to witness the culmination of the World’s Greatest Shave fundraising event. The Primaries took to the hairdresser’s chair first to have their head sprayed with rainbow stripes. Each student participating raised at least $350 with many of them going above and beyond. A special congratulations to Year 5 student, Ruby Maloney, who raised $2685!

The Secondaries braved the stage next, taking the plunge to cut or shave their locks. It was amazing to see so many students choosing to selflessly contribute to the cause.

Many of our teachers also joined in to fundraise for the Leukaemia Foundation with Mrs Anderson bravely volunteering to shave her head. The students cheered all of them on as they said goodbye to inches of hair.

Together, the Mueller community far exceeded our fundraising goal of $40,000. Congratulations to everybody who generously contributed to the 2021 World’s Greatest Shave!