Last week our Year 4’s camped out on the oval for the night for their year-level camp. The classes went through rotations of different games and activities with Year 11 Recreation students helping to show them the ropes.

Two of our students share their experiences with us…

“The Year 4 Camp was by far the most enjoyable camp I have experienced in my entire lifetime! The activities, food and generally the amount of fun and joy that was put into the entire camp was absolutely astounding! Initiative games were a great way to express friendship, with a small mix of competition. While rock climbing and canoeing, which although may seem frightening at first are awesome ways to spend time together as a class. Archery and orienteering were also great ways to help improve friendship and cheerfulness with each other. All in all year 4 camp was a blast!” – Thomas Ratcliffe, 4 Orange

“I think that the Mueller College Year 4 Camp was amazing. The activities were fantastic and well planned. My favourite part was doing rock climbing because almost all of the groups had a wall to themselves. I think all the meals were great and it was also good for the cooking and hospitality students as they learned how to cook for large groups. I believe that Mueller College Year 4 camp was a great experience for everyone!” – Gabriella Leong, 4 Orange