Last week our Year 5 students made their way to CYC Burleigh for three days of fun and activities. They spent time working on team-building activities like raft-building and giant paddleboarding but there was also an opportunity to stretch themselves personally with things like tubing and a talent show!

One of the students shares her highlight below…

Water was splashing everywhere, as we jumped across the water, on the big, inflated tube. At Grade 5 camp, tubing was my favourite activity. Me and two other people were lying on the tube, and turned the speed up to the quickest level the boat driver was allowed to go. We rode over bumps and jumped in the air as we clung on to the handles tightly.

I enjoyed tubing the most because it felt like you would fall off, but I was so excited while tubing, even though I was nervous. I bet our next camps are going to be double the craziness and fun!

Annabel (5 Red)