Tutoring gives students the opportunity to work through difficult concepts they are struggling with and helps them reinforce concepts they already know well, making it ideal for students who are not yet prepared to move ahead in their coursework. In addition, students who have a history of falling behind in their coursework will frequently profit from the individualised instruction that they receive during tutoring sessions.

Mueller Secondary students have access throughout 2023 to tutoring across a number of times and days. Staff across a number of departments give freely of their time each and every week to assist students needing some extra tutelage or academic assistance. Subjects such as the various streams of Maths and Sciences, English and Humanities all have regular weekly tutoring sessions either at lunchtimes or immediately after school. Other subjects such as Technologies, PE and the Arts will offer tutoring or extra workshop sessions for students leading up to assessment due dates. These students will be informed when they are offered throughout the year. Students and parents can contact their subject teachers or Heads of Department to find out the various session times and days tutoring is being offered.

Students who do choose to attend after-school tutoring (either regularly or infrequently), must have parent permission via Parent Portal. Parents can find more in the information letter in Parent Portal.