Meet Mueller Girls Academy Captain Talitha Thomson. Talitha was kind enough to share a little about her love of basketball with us below.
How long have you been playing basketball Talitha?
Since grade 5, so 7 years.
Favourite player or team?
Embarrassing fail on the court?
I was going for the ball as it was heading out of bounds and ended up jumping for it and landing on the other teams player on the bench and popped my knee and shoulder at the same time. Then fainted later that game – State Champs.
Success story on the court?
Managed to not get relegated at last year’s State Champs.
Why do you love the game?
Basketball is something I can connect with people through. Over the years in Mueller Basketball, so many of us have built friendships that were different to just school peers. You see people when they’re competitive, mad, angry, red, laughing, sleepy, rugged up and happy. You end up building a family, and that friendship is not one many people get to experience. Some of us went through grief and the worst times together, but then have also got to experience opportunities that not many people have. Early coffee runs at State Champs or school camps. The memories from Mueller basketball are so funny, and yeah, ones that none of us will ever forget. It’s the journey that is super cool and we are just super blessed to be a part of it.
Now the game. I love the game because people see a different side to the normal Talitha and its funny seeing their reaction. But also it pushes me to work hard for not only me, but for the team.
Thank you so much Talitha! You are a blessing to the Academy and so consistently demonstrate the “Do it for them” mindset.