Kids will teach you a lot – whether as a teacher or as a parent. My three boys have taught me (on numerous occasions) very valuable lessons in TRUST….although I am sure, at the time, they had no idea this was happening!

One of these lessons occurred at a recent visit to Sea World. My idea of a nice day at Sea World would include watching the amazing dolphin show, visiting the aquarium and waiting at the rides as they enjoy the thrills of heights and giant drops that could satisfy their hunger for adventure, as only teenage boys can have. But on this particular day, they really wanted me to join them on a ride.

This roller-coaster ride is made from wood; it makes weird sounds and looks as if the tracks can come apart at any time. I was faced with a choice – simply to TRUST or FEAR. The consequence of choosing not to trust was clear. It would squeeze the life out of any enjoyment of this moment, as fear and worry would take over my head and heart, as I have felt before. So, based on the wisdom of age and experience, I chose to TRUST when my gut wanted to choose otherwise!

To choose TRUST in that moment brought freedom to enjoy this experience with them, overwhelmed with love and joy. Love, to see them so excited for me to join them, and joy, shared in the fun and their sense of adventure in that moment.

Life is like this in so many instances. We face a choice to TRUST or fear – and it’s our Heavenly Father who provides us with all we need in those moments, seen and unseen.  We just need to TRUST.  As teachers and parents, there will be times when we don’t have all the answers, skills or strategies for the students or children in our care, and we face a choice to TRUST or FEAR.  We can TRUST, knowing that God calls and equips us for the work we face every day.

Ps 56:3

When I am afraid, I put my trust in You….

Chantel Jordaan

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