The 2024 World’s Greatest Shave campaign at Mueller was once again a wildly successful endeavour. Each year, we continue to be in awe of the commitment made by students and staff, and the generosity of the wider community who support them and the Leukaemia Foundation so wholeheartedly.

The World’s Greatest Shave Mueller Fundraising Total for 2024 was $57,200!

This included fundraising from participants and proceeds from merchandise sold at the Orange Stall throughout the week.

Our total put Mueller as the number 2 group fundraiser in Queensland, and in the top 10 in Australia. As a school, we are approaching an incredible $250,000 raised collectively since our first World’s Greatest Shave in 2017.

A special congratulations to our fundraising superstars this year…

Highest Mueller fundraiser – Primary student Manash Bista ($2218)

Highest Secondary fundraiser – Jessica Williams ($2217)

2nd Highest Secondary fundraiser – Samuella Faulkner ($1402)

Another 7 students raised over $1000 each!

Thank you to all staff, students, parents, families, and friends who contributed to such a positive and fun week, and made a significant dint in the fight against leukaemia.