A visit to the tuckshop might sound like a run-of-the-mill outing, but for most Year 1 students, it is a new frontier. With parents doing the tuckshop ordering for Preppies, Year 1 is their first opportunity to visit and buy on their own.

Last term, the Year 1 classes were learning about the value of money. They spent time planning their tuckshop spend by choosing from a small pre-arranged selection of treats, discussing what they could afford with coins sent from home, and then getting prepared for the process of approaching the counter and paying.

There was much delight as the students jingled their bags of coins and took a look around the wonderful world of the tuckshop. Some approached the staff with a little trepidation but the trip aimed to build their confidence so they will be able to visit by themselves in the future. The best end to the excursion was getting to eat the treats!