Culture is constantly changing. Sometimes the change is only noticeable after many years and you look over your shoulder and wonder how society and opinion has changed so much. The current cultural climate can also impact on our decisions. Political correctness is often a measure of just how much culture has changed. Things that were acceptable a few years ago are now frowned upon, and vice versa, things now acceptable were frowned upon a few years ago. 

We need an anchor. Amidst change, it is crucial to have a firm foundation to rely on to gain strength, wisdom and direction to navigate the world in which we live. 

At Mueller, we believe the firm foundation is the Word of God, the Bible. The Bible shows us why we are known and valued by the creator God. Mueller is a big school, and yet we are committed that every student is known and valued while at school.  

This Thursday I will start the parent series, What we teach your children about God and the world’. I will unpack the College values from a Biblical perspective and talk about why we care about your children so much. It will be very low-key, casual discussion based series with an opportunity to ask plenty of questions.  

Everyone is welcome to come along and hear about the firm foundation which Mueller is built on. 

Paul Valese

Week 5 // News and Updates