Whether you are new to Mueller or have been here for quite some time, you may find yourself this week wondering what ‘You Belong week’ is all about. What’s with the sea of inconspicuous orange t-shirts worn across campus, the two thousand hotdogs for lunch, the large quantities of orange apparel sold, and all the funds raised for the Leukaemia Foundation? Why do we celebrate a week with the declaration ‘You Belong’?

Because that is fundamentally what we believe here at Mueller. That every single student and person belongs and can contribute positively to their community. Sure, we fall short on many occasions. We make mistakes and don’t always get it right. But that won’t stop us from trying, nor change the message that everyone belongs.

Why do we belong? Because of the profound and undeniable truth that we are all made in the image of God! The absolute truth of the gospel rests on the imago dei. Each and every one of us, regardless of our colour, worldview, ethnicity, culture or race, is first and foremost made in the image of God. It has been this truth that has caused Christians across centuries to reach out to the weak, poor, and marginalised members of society. There is room for all in the family of God.

At Mueller, we do You Belong week and everything it involves, because we believe everyone is uniquely created and equally valued, because we are all unique and amazing creations of the God who created the universe.

This truth makes this week such a highlight of the term, as students look for and live out opportunities to make a positive contribution to their own world, and the world in which they live.

Ben Stiller

Term 1 News