Term 4 is a term of celebration. The day to day learning continues, however the end of term has a real sense of celebrating the student achievements over the year.

The safety fencing has finally disappeared around campus which signifies the end of the Arts Precinct construction. The new facility, which includes new music rooms and a dance studio are amazing, however they are more than fancy new spaces.

Celebrating Student Achievement

The new spaces have finally given us an opportunity to celebrate the day to day achievement of our students in music and dance. Celebrating the achievement of students doesn’t just need to be in an awards ceremony. Students can now be heard making music and by simply walking along the D Block verandah, students can be seen enjoying their gifting in dance.

Making Learning Visible

We are pleased to be able to make learning in The Arts far more visible (and audible!). Schools are very social places, and it is such an encouragement to have the learning in music and dance more visible to the student body. We are looking forward to the usually hidden away Chapel Band practice of a Thursday morning now being heard across College Square.

Keep an eye on all the Mueller Connect news and Facebook posts to stay up to date with the Term 4 events. There is plenty happening.

Paul Valese

Week 1 News