Mueller College is in the business of people. I am constantly amazed at how this is so evident and visible around campus on any given school day. And it happens so naturally. It is not out of the ordinary to see staff and students praying together. Or walk past and see the Chaplains offices full of excited students or occupied with individuals receiving support or prayer. Or join a group of staff praying together before school, interceding for families and students. Or see a few people gathered together at Hudsons, oblivious to their surroundings as they spend time in prayer.

Earlier in the term was the now annual Prayer Tent. A place where anyone could go to spend time in worship, reflection and prayer. I saw on a number of occasions, students grouped together, heads bowed, praying for each other. It looked so natural.

Better than being a witness to this and a part of such opportunities, is seeing the next generation – our students, actively having a heart for those around them. Not only in prayer, but through their offering of service and contribution. Each week a group of senior students lead and facilitate lunchtime programs for primary aged students. Flourish is for girls, while OBEY and Builder’s Club are for the boys. These senior students give up their time each and every week, working alongside the chaplains to invest into the lives of the younger grades. They are a few of many lunchtime and extracurricular programs facilitated and run by students serving other students.

This week of course presents a massive opportunity to contribute in the form of fundraising of money towards the Leukemia Foundation. Last week in Assembly we heard from special guest Mrs Loma Willis, founder of the World’s Greatest Shave. The battle her late husband Eric had with Leukemia back in 1998 saw her and her family start this now National Fundraising juggernaut, which annually raises over 15 million dollars towards research, accommodation and care for Leukemia sufferers and their families. The Mueller community is aiming to raise $25,000 this year towards this truly amazing cause. This Friday, a dozen students and several teachers will shave their heads as a practical contribution.

In a life of busyness and constant deadlines to meet, it is so important to have an outward focus.

It is so important to remember that people are the most important part of our lives, and that giving a little of ourselves for another, can serve a deeper and even eternal purpose. It also gives us a purpose and deep fulfilment in our own lives. What is great is seeing the next generation at Mueller actively giving of themselves, and adopting an outward focus.

Ben Stiller

Week 7 // News and Updates