The past week’s activities have been a testament to the strong sense of community we enjoy at Mueller. The orange shirts, happy faces, College Square performances and of course, Shave for a Cure, all highlight the contribution so many are happy to make.

Contrary to popular belief, Hudsons Café is not about the coffee – it is all about Community. It is for the community and run by a community of students and staff who love to serve.

Mueller’s Hudsons Café is named after Hudson Taylor, a Christian missionary to China in the 1800s. Taylor spent 51 years spreading the Gospel throughout China through education and social initiatives. It is believed that 18,000 people accepted Christ as their saviour as a direct result of Hudson Taylor. In fact, there are people today who can trace their family’s faith back to his work.

Hudson Taylor’s approach to Christian mission was different to his predecessors. Rather than live in a church building and wear religious clothing, he lived amongst the locals, learnt Chinese, and dressed in local clothing. He wanted to present the Gospel like a local.

There was a point in his ministry when he almost left China due to insufficient funds. After much prayer, he received the support required from none other than George Mueller.

Hudson Taylor’s connection with George Mueller, and his local missionary approach, is the reason we have chosen the name Hudsons for our café.

Paul Valese

Term 1 – Week 9 News