Book Week in the Primary School is here! At yesterday’s parade, we saw a sea of costumes and characters representing our student’s favourite characters from all different genres, stories, and books. What a delight it was to celebrate these characters and books together.

The Bible is also filled with interesting and inspiring characters. One of my favourite characters is Esther. She’s a woman of courage, obedience, and commitment. Esther partnered with God in his plan to bring about freedom and change for her people. I particularly love the line in Esther chapter 4, where Mordecai says to Esther, “Who knows if perhaps you were made queen for such a time as this?”

Did you know Mueller College was made for such a time as this?

Our current society sends mixed and unreliable messages to our children.  At Mueller, we strive to share the consistent message that each child is designed, created, loved deeply and has a purpose. They are no mistake! God, the master craftsman, has perfectly created each person, to live a life of hope and peace, with Him.

At Mueller we love to partner with God, to create classrooms, playgrounds and environments where your child can grow, thrive and flourish. Thank you for partnering with us to nurture and develop your child’s passions, skills and capabilities. Every teacher and staff member is at Mueller to serve the students and families “for such a time as this”.

Angela Langford

Term 3 – Week 7 News