There are many analogies offered for life. It has been described as a race, a merry-go-round, rollercoaster, highway…..and even a box of chocolates!

‘Life is like a race’ is a commonly used comparison, however, the type of race is important to know if you are wanting to prepare properly, experience success, bounce back from failures and keep learning right to the end.

If we were to run the first kilometer of a race like we ran the last 500 meter stretch, we’d never make it to the finish line. We can’t live life giving it all we’ve got, all day, every day. Doing that leads to burnout. We’re all guilty of this at times; we think we can do it all. Juggling sport, work, friends, school, dating, family, gym, TV, keeping up with social media – most days, there just isn’t time for sleep.

Life is more like a marathon. There will be times when we are required to sprint, and times all that is needed is a slow-paced jog. The beauty of a marathon is that everybody can win in the end, as long as they do not give up and stop. You can never lose if you just don’t quit!

The book of Timothy contains some inspiring words from the Apostle Paul, written as he sat in chains, imprisoned and facing the end of his life on earth.

“I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith”

Paul’s ministry and work were certainly a marathon, not a sprint. And as he approached the end of his life, he encouraged his fellow followers to push on and continue their missions despite the obstacles that lay before them.

For our Year Twelves, their schooling marathon finishes with a final four-week hill climb and sprint to the finish line. Now is not the time to quit. The challenge is set clearly before them; remain steadfast and determined (final exams, study and fulfilling the responsibilities of a Mueller student) and thus finish their Mueller race well.

After that, they can pause to catch their breath, celebrate well, and then get some rest.

Ben Stiller

Term 4 – Week 3 News