Welcome to Term 4. Strap yourself in for the usual 8 weeks of academics, camps, celebrations, exams and then Christmas megaChapel.

The holidays have come and gone, and I trust you had a good time with family and a restful break. Both the Nepal Mission Tour and NZ Ski Trip were a huge success. Prayers were answered with safe travel and a significant time of learning for all students. The Nepal Mission was a particularly challenging tour. Our young people do not often get the opportunity to experience different cultures, and to be immersed in Nepalese culture was a transformative time. Watch this space as we continue to explore these types of opportunities.

Term 4 is about finishing well. There is still plenty of learning to take place, but the 2023 finish line slowly comes into sight. Every event signifies another milestone as we approach November 24th. We particularly look forward to the Term 4 events. It is a privilege to celebrate student achievement across all aspects of their schooling.

One of Mueller’s value statements is ‘Everyone Belongs and can Contribute to Community’. Term 4 is a time to celebrate student contribution to community.

Paul Valese

Term 4 – Week 1 News