It’s a very special week ahead in the school calendar. Year 12 Graduation, Year 12 Formal and early next week, the Year 6 Graduation will all take place. These are big moments in our students’ lives! We celebrate the end of one season, and set to embark on the one ahead. Often it is these big moments that we remember when we look back on our own journeys.

Do you remember your Formal and Graduation? What is your memory of your final year of school? Perhaps your favourite teacher? These events are significant cultural markers in our lives.

One of my most vivid memories of my final year was being with the whole Year 12 cohort out on the oval throwing our hats in the air in complete joy and celebration of finally finishing! Despite the different friendship groups, the random teenage dramas, the tough family situations and the varying level of academic achievements, we were united in that moment. We joined together in celebrating the same thing; the end of one season, and the beginning of the next.

This is the same picture as we step into this week of events. Despite the varying levels of achievement, the diverse families, the different friendships and the contrasting school experiences, we unite in celebrating the students who step onto the stage. What joy will be experienced! I can’t wait to join together and celebrate them all!

“Be cheerful with joyous celebration in every season of life. Let your joy overflow!” Philippians 4:4

Rachel Baker

Term 4 – Week 7 News