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Achieving in Term 4

Term 4 is a term of celebration. The day to day learning continues, however the end of term has a real sense of celebrating the student achievements over the year.

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Contribute in a Positive Way

This time last year, I was getting ready for the USA Homestay Tour with a group of Mueller students. The host school was Prestonwood Christian Academy in Dallas, Texas. One of the memories I have is the huge financial contribution that the community need to make in order for the school to operate. On top of school fees, there are regular giving days and capital funding requests to operate the school. In Australia, we are blessed with government funding to assist the day to day operation of the College as well as capital funding for building works.

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Contribute to Community at the Mueller Fete

Mueller has changed over the years. A major change is reflected each year in the College Fete. In the early days, and like most school fetes, the Mueller Fete was held to raise extra funds to purchase resources. The Fete was essential in those days to balance the books. The Fete was also a community celebration and a much anticipated event each year.

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To be Known

Every Monday morning, all Years 5-12 students receive an email to encourage them into the new week. Term 2 has focussed on the second of our values – Everyone is Known and Valued. Below is this week’s email.

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You are Valued

At Mueller, we believe Everyone is to be Known and Valued. Last term we unpacked in different ways what it means that Every Student Matters, and a logical next step is that we are to value each other through getting to know each other.

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My Living Hope

Next week we will have our Easter megaChapel. As we put together the service, one song stands out as an anthem as part of the program. Words in the chorus state: Jesus Christ, my living hope.

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Anchored in Change

Culture is constantly changing. Sometimes the change is only noticeable after many years and you look over your shoulder and wonder how society and opinion has changed so much. The current cultural climate can also impact on our decisions. Political correctness is often a measure of just how much culture has changed. Things that were acceptable a few years ago are now frowned upon, and vice versa, things now acceptable were frowned upon a few years ago.

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Welcome to 2019!

Welcome to the 2019 academic year! I have no doubt that the holidays were starting to drag on for your children and they are keen to be back at Mueller.

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What type of life do you want for your children? All of us want a life of comfort and success for our children. We would like them to have busy lives of work, with a healthy dose of holidays and family thrown in. Presentation Evening was a celebration of the year’s activity whereby students are preparing for a life of success.

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