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You are Valued

At Mueller, we believe Everyone is to be Known and Valued. Last term we unpacked in different ways what it means that Every Student Matters, and a logical next step is that we are to value each other through getting to know each other.

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My Living Hope

Next week we will have our Easter megaChapel. As we put together the service, one song stands out as an anthem as part of the program. Words in the chorus state: Jesus Christ, my living hope.

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Anchored in Change

Culture is constantly changing. Sometimes the change is only noticeable after many years and you look over your shoulder and wonder how society and opinion has changed so much. The current cultural climate can also impact on our decisions. Political correctness is often a measure of just how much culture has changed. Things that were acceptable a few years ago are now frowned upon, and vice versa, things now acceptable were frowned upon a few years ago.

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Welcome to 2019!

Welcome to the 2019 academic year! I have no doubt that the holidays were starting to drag on for your children and they are keen to be back at Mueller.

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What type of life do you want for your children? All of us want a life of comfort and success for our children. We would like them to have busy lives of work, with a healthy dose of holidays and family thrown in. Presentation Evening was a celebration of the year’s activity whereby students are preparing for a life of success.

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Roll on Term 4!

Term 4 can be seen as a ‘lot of work’ or a time of ‘celebration’. At Mueller, we see every person created in God’s image. There are no mistakes in His design, and it is that mindset which will release us to celebrate the term rather than be weighed down by the ‘to-do’ lists. The myriad of events will give each student an opportunity to be celebrated for their gifts, abilities and personality. I encourage you to get involved in the term’s celebrations to see a positive finish to 2018.

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Our Strong Foundation

In the past couple of years, Mueller has been aspirational in living out the values which are displayed outside the tuckshop. These are; Every Student Matters Everyday, Everyone is known and valued, Everyone can grow and thrive, Everyone belongs and can contribute to community.

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Positive Relationships

In a 2015 survey undertaken by Independent Schools Queensland, parents stated that a school ‘which prepared their child to fulfil their potential in later life’ was the most important factor when deciding on a school.  This is an interesting finding as ‘preparing for later life’ involves so much more than the 3Rs.

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The Heart of the College

Last Tuesday night was a delightful evening of music with the Primary musicians. During the evening, Di Schmidt, our amazing Primary music teacher gave the below speech. It beautifully sums up the heart of the College in seeing our students thrive. I trust you will enjoy reading her speech.

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Semester Two has begun!

Semester Two has begun.  On behalf of Mueller College I would like to welcome new families to our community. We trust that you will quickly feel that ‘you belong’ and your child/ren settle in to their new school.

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