Following natural disasters like bushfires or floods, many people rely on the generosity of complete strangers to help rebuild their lives.

Donations to relief organisations and other charities can make a profound difference to people in great need. More and more we see the use of fundraising platforms such as GoFundMe that have created significant momentum and funds for an individual or family hit suddenly by devastation or disaster.

However, we know that not everyone who can donate to these organizations ends up opening their wallets. In fact, a phenomenon known as compassion collapse (or fade) can make people less generous following catastrophic situations—or any time we are faced with many people in need. Sometimes there can be a false sense or belief that ‘there will be others who will help if I don’t”. Studies show that people can become desensitized to appeals for donations and to give.

On the flip side, other research reveals that if you provide opportunities for people to contribute and be generous, and that appeal to their goodwill and generosity, they will respond. If certain parameters around the conditions in which these opportunities are presented are incorporated, the greater the response generally. Some of these include; people knowing the impact of their gift or donation, gaining a sense of identity and purpose through their giving, focussing the appeals on individuals and real people’s stories rather than a ‘nebulous group’ in need, and providing a window of time for people to donate or give.

Term One at Mueller certainly presents significant opportunities for all students and families to contribute and be generous. To give to something or a cause greater than themselves. The Leukaemia Foundation aims to raise $16.5 million this year – with the goal of having zero lives lost to blood cancer by 2035. Playing our part for this cause, we are in the midst of fundraising now for the World’s Greatest Shave – which will coincide with You Belong week at Mueller. Currently Mueller is 8th out of all schools in Australia as we aim to raise $30,000 this year. We have already passed the $20,000 mark. Incredible!

Families and students at Mueller are proving to once again be generous contributors. On Friday 20th March, many students will be shaving, cutting or colouring their hair for a cause far greater than themselves. It is so exciting to see. If you are yet to donate or contribute – it is not too late. Be a part of this incredible fundraising effort.

After all, giving has proven to be;

  • contagious
  • evoke gratitude
  • promote social connection and cooperation
  • good for health
  • a source of inner joy

Ben Stiller


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