We value community and believe students learn best when they feel connected and safe.  One of our core values is ‘Everyone is Known and Valued’. We work hard to offer a range of supports and structures to help students and families to feel known and valued.

We are a big school, but don’t ever want anyone to feel they are just a number.  The college is broken into sub schools, Early Years, Upper Primary, Middle and Senior school.  Each of these areas has a coordinator dedicated to supporting student wellbeing and creating a smaller community of students who value each other and can learn to their potential.

Before school and at break times, is an important place for community to happen.  Each morning we have breakfast club.  This is a free program that is run by staff and student volunteers every morning.  Students can come together with friends, classmates and family to enjoy some toast and cereal before their day starts.

Break times are also a great place for friendships to form and students to feel like a valued part of our college. In Primary we have clubs at Morning Tea and Lunch, so students have the option to be part of structured activities, in smaller interest groups.  Below is our Primary Clubs program.   Students are able to head along to the different activities on their own or with a friend.  Being a part of a club can help create new friendships and/or strengthen existing friendships.  If your child is looking for something to do at break times, perhaps have them try one of the clubs.

Community is for parents too!  We want parents to feel welcome and part of our Mueller community.  We have Hudson’s café that parents are always welcome at.  Drop into Hudson’s after drop off or before pick up, with parents from your child’s class or other friends.  Parents are always welcome at our Assemblies and Chapels.  We also have the fete coming up on July 17, which is a great time with other Mueller families.

We were made for community and with a desire to belong.  Our lives are so much richer when we are connected and doing life with friends.  We hope Mueller students and families know what a valued part of our community they are and develop some lifelong friends during their time with us.

Sarah Grady

Term 2 News