Two key distinctives of Mueller College is the Pastoral Care and the Community. Practical pastoral care and support is delegated daily to the many layers of support personnel in the Primary and Secondary schools each and every week. Chaplains, school counsellor, nurses and Learning Support staff work closely with Year level and Sub School Coordinators to ensure all students are cared for and supported.

At the same time, proactive practices are in place. A deliberate and intentional Biblical Studies program and SL@M curriculum each speak into the cognitive, emotional, spiritual, and physical domains of our students to positively impact their overall wellbeing.

For our Primary students, this has been done this term through the weekly Christian Studies program. A focus on ‘Knowing God Our Creator’ teaches students how they can learn about God through the Bible and how God has provided a way for us to know him. Social and well-being skills also occur through regular health lessons.

Secondary students participate in SL@M (Student Life at Mueller) classes each Wednesday and this term have been presented information and positive strategies in the following topics:

Year 7 – Self Management (organisational skills)

Year 8 – Friendships and Self Harm

Year 9 – Addiction and Behaviours

Year 10 – Healthy Lifestyle Choices

Year 11 – Learning

Year 12 – Life after School

For more detailed information about any of these topics, parents are encouraged to contact their child’s Year Level Coordinator.

Mueller’s camping program bolsters these positive curriculums, allowing a lot of the ‘head knowledge’ to be tried and tested in new, sometimes complex, but always unfamiliar environments. From a one-night sleepover at school to Cairns, from Coolum to Burleigh Heads, and from Somerset Dam to Moreton Island, students at Mueller are given opportunities to practice pastoral care and thrive in community. What better way to develop perseverance than by hiking twenty kilometers on soft sand carrying all your supplies? Exhibit selflessness by having to carry a team member’s pack when they are unable to. Show gratitude by taking the time to focus on the beauty of the surroundings and reflect on the opportunities afforded. Build resilience by leaving the family and home to travel sixteen hundred kilometers to North Queensland for a week. Develop social intelligence by being aware of others and their emotions and feelings when having to make decisions and solve problems.

As we roll out of Term One and into Term Two in the coming weeks, you can be assured that your child has and will continue to receive positive and life-building contributions to their overall personal wellbeing through the Pastoral Care and community here at Mueller College.

Ben Stiller