Mueller is a happy place to walk around at break time. Lots of students interacting with one another, enjoying being in community.

Whether it’s at the new College Square; primary and secondary students mingling at breakfast club or the tuck shop; playing on the handball courts, the oval or the Lacey Sports Centre – what a joy to see people relating with one another. So much better than living life mediated through a screen.

This sense of community is so important for helping young people learn. And community is determined by the nature of the relationships between students, teachers and parents.

Educational research confirms what we all know: that the most important factor for student learning is the quality of the teacher-student relationship.

We continue to work hard at building community here at Mueller, to be an oasis that deeply refreshes students in their thirst to learn and grow.

Like Paul, we want to encourage one another and build each other up (1 Thessalonians 5:11), in light of the hope we can have in Jesus.

Thank you for your partnership in our community.

David French

Term 1 – Week 6 News