Our Year Twelve students have only weeks to go before their school journey ends. They have but a few days of regular classes remaining, before facing their final hurdles in the form of external exams. Then it is just a few more events to attend, two of which include their graduation and formal. For some students, this means less than a dozen more times of having to put on their Mueller uniforms and arriving at school by 8:35am. The end is quickly coming. But before the finish line arrives, there is still work to be done. The challenge they each face is whether they will finish well.

We find some inspiring words by the Apostle Paul in the book of Timothy, written as he sat in chains, imprisoned and facing the end of his life on earth.

“I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith”

Paul is evaluating his life from the perspective of his faithfulness to Jesus, who called him to be saved and to serve Him, and is using it to encourage his fellow followers to push on and continue their missions despite the obstacles before them.

Paul was reflecting on his entire life. However our Year Twelves are only coming to the end of one small season of their lives. As each season of life approaches its end, it is good practice to look back and consider how the ‘fight’ was fought, and the ‘race’ run. Equally productive is considering how well each season will be finished. Have I used the skills and talents I have been blessed with to the best of my ability? How can I make sure I utilise them for the next few weeks? Have I contributed positively to those communities I have been a part of? How can I contribute in a meaningful way before I finish? Have I given my best in overcoming each challenged faced? Will I give my best effort for the final few hurdles I face before I finish? What has been and will be legacy at Mueller? Will I be remembered for my selfless contribution and influence, or be quickly forgotten after I leave, as though I had not even been there?

These are questions we can all ask ourselves and apply to our own individual season-ending contexts. While some of us may not be approaching the end of a distinct season, we are all coming to the end of the year, and so can be challenged to continue on in our work, remain steadfast and determined, and finish well the tasks that are ahead of us.

For our Year Twelves, the challenge is clearly set before them. It is to finish fighting the good fight (final exams, study and fulfilling the responsibilities of a Mueller student), and to finish their Mueller race well.

Ben Stiller

Term 4 News